An Educational Model for Sport in Schools


This 4 hour workshop for teacher-coaches, that includes a 28 page workbook and accompanying powerpoint presentation, covers the following content:

  1. The impact of professional sport in the media on school sport – research findings         
  2. The difference between adult and pupil perceptions of sport
  3. Education and the purpose of schools
  4. The link between the purpose of schools and sport
  5. Educating holistically through sport – is there a silver bullet?
  6. Self-esteem
  7. Competence motivation – a theoretical model
  8. The self-esteem and holistic education nexus
  9. A package of 10 strategies for coaches
  10. An educational model for sport in schools


 Gordon’s pitch was perfect to both boys and staff. They took a great deal from the workshop despite us being pressed for time. His anecdotes and advice based on real life experiences made for relevant departure points for our own course plotting. People usually resist workshops but our staff and boys left much stimulated and Gordon is thanked heartily.

(Graham Bennetts - Deputy Head, Co-Curricular, Maritzburg College, 2016)